Careline Pimple Concealer

So far, my not-yet-to-be-called-a-kit is composed of a gel foundation, two way cake powder, limited shade of eye shadow, tiny eyeliner, two lipsticks, and a few variety of lip balm/gloss. Yes, I don't have the ever-essential concealer and I could apparently deal with life without it.

Then I came across an interesting concealer when I checked the price of my favorite gloss, and thought that maybe I should try it since I had this ridiculous pimple on my cheek at that time.

It's Careline's Pimple Concealer. It's on a not-so-nice packaging, tiny container that I wouldn't mind throwing away if I'm not satisfied with it, and it's not expensive. Once again, a product that I have no idea of until I got home.

I got the Almond shade since the SA recommended it to me in a sort of let's-get-this-done-and-over-with attitude. If it's because there's this guy who seemed to be running an errand (concerning make-ups) that she's quite busy attending to or it's just how she handles her work - I don't know.

Basically, the product contains tea tree oil which, according to the site, could prevent pimples. Goodie! But I'm not a fan of its smell. Then I applied it onto my face, and poof! I'm like, "That was it?"

The first concern was that perhaps I should have opted for a darker shade, and second was that it barely lightened my pimple. I have read one or two reviews about it which all mentioned that the product could not really conceal it, but it helps in lightening the acne.

Don't worry, I gave it another shot a few days later and it finally lightened my pimple - but not conceal it, sadly. The smell gradually became bearable for me. And despite the it's-not-really-concealing-the-damn-pimple part, it's still on my closet.

Will I try purchase it again? On this shade, no. If I have the amount to spare, probably. I'd love to try out another shade...


  1. I just bought it today! I have it in Oriental which is the shade before the darkest one. It does have a weird smell but I can bear with it :)

    And I hate SA's that are like that.

    Thanks for the review.



  2. can it conceal dark spots?

    1. In my case, it can't fully conceal dark spots :(